The Meditation Podcast

Episode 50 - What Happened to 'Falling Asleep'

Jesse: Hey Jeane. What happened to Falling Asleep, and all our old episodes?

Jeane: We moved our podcast to

Jesse: Patreon? What's Patreon?

Jeane: It's a crowdfunding site, where our listeners can support what we do by subscribing. For just a couple bucks a month, you get access to our entire 10-year archive of meditations, plus our monthly chat, newsletter, and more!

Jesse: Ok, but what if I don't have the money, or don't want to subscribe?

Jeane: You can still enjoy our latest episodes for free, right here where you've been getting them all along.

Jesse: Wow, Patreon! Lots of interesting, creative people, doing cool things. What a great community!

Jeane: Hi everybody. We want to wish you all a mindful, graceful, peaceful, and joyful holiday season.

Jesse: If you love what we do, come join our growing community at

Peace and blessings everybody!