The Meditation Podcast

Episode 38 - Centered and Balanced for the Holidays

Welcome to The Meditation Podcast with Jesse and Jeane Stern. Episode 38, Centered and Balanced for the Holidays.

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Winter - and the winter holidays - can be a stressful time. We break our routines, we travel, our diet changes. On top of all that, we spend a lot time with people with whom we may have "history", but who are not part of our daily lives. We expect ourselves to celebrate, to give gifts, to feel happy. But sometimes our high expectations can lead to mood swings, conflict, or meltdown.

In today's meditation, we allow ourselves a moment to pause from the manic holidays.

Remember, this podcast uses audio technology that affects the brain, so please use headphones and do not use this podcast while driving or operating machinery.

We are not licensed health care practitioners, and we do not claim any specific health benefits from this podcast. You are responsible for your own health.

Now, let's begin.