The Meditation Podcast

Episode Eleven - The Healing Smile

We're back and, before we begin, we'd like to thank everyone for your patience, emails, and continued donations and support. To those joining us for the first time, we give the podcast freely, as a way of giving back for all of our blessings. Donations are welcome, in any amount, as they help us cover our studio and annual web hosting costs. Please visit The Meditation Podcast dot com for details, or subscribe at iTunes.

Today's meditation is the Healing Smile. This is based on a Chinese qigong meditation, which I first learned in Kenneth Meadows' book Shamanic Experience, and which he called the Inward Smile. By directing a smile inward, we send gentle, loving, accepting and healing energy to every organ in our bodies.

Remember that this podcast uses sound technology that affects the brain. It works best with headphones, and should not be used while driving or operating machinery.

Please bear in mind, we are not licensed health care practitioners, and we do not claim any specific health effects from using this meditation. This podcast is for educational use only, not as a replacement for professional medical treatment. You are responsible for your own health!

With that, let's begin.